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    PROLOGUE: Centuries into the future the year 2138, technological advances are at their peak. Forces of nature are overturned by Science… In the City of Pyridine In New North America, Alaric Jacobs rules with an iron fist for 3 decades. Alaric is the supreme diety, who at this age is identified as highest in the … Continue reading
    INSIDE CREATIVE MINDS I first knew I had a great interest in writing when I was in my third grade.Those days when class was over and learning was done for the day but I still found myself scribbling in my notebooks. It was either my tiny secrets, happy, sad and silly moments and in most … Continue reading THE DARK SIDE.
    We are all dreamers. Our minds are constantly in a loop, creating mental pictures or ideas. In our minds anything is possible, for you are your own creator, totally in control. Imagination allows us to choose our own beginnings and finishes. Fantasy series and animation blow my mind, I am always like; “how did those … Continue reading THE ART OF IMAGINATION
    The brain, an organ I just can’t get enough of its brilliance, it totally coordinates everything. From vision to hearing, reasoning, sensation, learning, movement and speech, let alone controlling emotions. This organ is always at work even when you are sleeping. When you are asleep your subconscious takes over, dreams? something that totally mesmerizes me. … Continue reading DIVING INTO THE UNKNOWN
    Poetry is the deepest and most artistic way of expressing emotions. This form of art to me its like feeding one’s soul.Anyone can write but a poetic piece is mesmerizing when the poet is an intellect, open minded, artistic and a deep soul. For a poet who effortlessly provokes emotions in their pieces and creates … Continue reading POETIC JUSTICE